Call for Papers

The topics of the Congress aim to embrace a wide range of aspects in agriculture including crop farming, animal welfare, farm management, sustainable land management and also agriculture policy, education and consulting in agriculture and many other.

Congress topics

  • Sustainable soil management
  • Crop science and production
  • Organic farming
  • Trends in horticulture
  • Integrated management of pests and weeds
  • Animal welfare and protection of animal health
  • Quality issues and safety in the food chain
  • Management of water resources
  • Agricultural landscapes
  • Biofuel and biomass for energy
  • Technologies of precision agriculture in crop and livestock farming
  • Agriculture in globalised markets
  • Farm management
  • Efficient use of feed resources
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Quality of milk, meat and fur
  • Apiculture for production and pollination
  • Food security
  • Entrepreneurship and rural development
  • Society and sustainable development of rural areas
  • Role of gender in agriculture
  • Recruitment to agriculture
  • Nordic/Baltic agriculture in historical perspective
  • EU politics and regulations
  • Risk management in agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Forestry
  • Consulting and education in agriculture

Congress Language:


Requirements for papers

The number of pages (A4) is restricted to 6 including tables, figures and references.

Papers have to be written in English (preferably British spelling). Prior to submission to the Scientific Committee, the manuscripts have to be checked for correct language. Manuscripts showing serious shortcomings in layout/formatting will not be accepted for publication.

The authors can submit either an abstract or a full paper for publishing in the Congress proceedings.

Detailed instructions

Detailed instructions: [Template_NJF.doc]
Detailed instructions for formatting of abstracts: [Template_of_abstracts_NJF.doc]
The submitted papers will be reviewed.
The accepted and presented papers will be published in the proceedings of the Congress.

Paper submission

Authors should submit their draft papers to the email address marked in title “NJF 25th Congress”.

After the submission and acceptance of the paper the confirmation letter will be sent to the authors.