Date Excursions
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Duration Cost per person Start time
June 14 Riga Old Town Walking Tour with Riga Black Balsam degustation 3 hours 33€ 16:00
June 15 Farmers co-operative «LATRAPS» 6 hours 50€ 13:00
June 15 JSC «Agrofirma Tērvete» 6 hours 50€ 13:00
June 15 Deer farm «Saulstari» 6 hours 50€ 13:00
June 17 Riga Art Nouveau Architecture Walking Tour
for accompanying persons)
2,5 hours 26€ 10:00

Some of the excursions might be cancelled in case of too few participants. Please apply for each excursion separately.
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Post-Congress program (Monday, June 18)

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Duration Cost per person Start time
Sightseeing tour «Visit Jelgava!» 6 hours 60 € 14:00

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Farmers co-operative “LATRAPS”

Price: 50 EUR Including bus, guide and lunch
latraps_pagalms“LATRAPS” (www.latraps.lv) is a fast growing nationwide farmer-owned cooperative which has nearly 700 members all over Latvia. “LATRAPS” has rapidly become a market leader in Latvia among companies providing agricultural supplies. Today, “LATRAPS” is the most successful cooperative within the 3 Baltic countries.

Latraps big greenhouseOn the way to Eleja where “LATRAPS” is located the tour will visit research and study farm of Latvia University of Agriculture “Pēterlauki” (www.lf.llu.lv/macibu-un-petijumu-saimnieciba-peterlauki) and a large agriculture enterprise “Līgo” that produces grain, biogas and has recently built greenhouses for utilization of the produced heat in the biogas production.

JSC “Agrofirma Tērvete”

Price: 50 EUR. Including bus, guide, lunch and beer.

Agrofirma Tērvete zirgiJSC “Agrofirma Tērvete” is a modern diversified enterprise with a vast experience and heritage since 1974.

Taking care of the environment and ecology through efficient resource usage allows the company to operate as a closed-circle agricultural production.

Agrofirma Tērvete alusThe company specializes in six different areas: crop production, dairy farming, horse breeding, biogas production, beer production, food retail and catering. In the 2012 the enterprise built a modern dairy farm complex with the capacity of 3300 dairy cows, that makes it one of the biggest dairy farms in Latvia

More information on the website: http://en.tervete.lv/

Deer farm “Saulstari”

Price: 50 EUR. Including bus, entrance fees, guide and lunch.

Saulstaru briežu dārzsFarm “Saulstari” owns a 170 hectares of land where about 300 deer are located including red deer, fallow-deer and white deer.

More information on the website: http://ekskursijas.lv/briezu-darzs-saulstari (in Latvian)

Turaidas-pils-SiguldaOn the way back the tour will visit the Turaida castle and museum (www.turaida-muzejs.lv ). Turaida castle dominates the Museum Reserve and is visually, its most impressive element. Building of the castle was started in 1214, upon directions given by Albert, Archbishop of Riga to his Livonian Brothers of the Sword at the place where previously had stood the wooden castle of Liv. By the beginning of the 20th century, only separate fragments of the castle complex were left. From 1976 regular archaeological excavations were carried out, which were followed by restoration and conservation works revealing the castle’s earlier state.

Riga Old Town Walking Tour with degustation of the Riga Black balsam

The Three Brothers- the medieval ensemble consisting of three dwelling houses

The Three Brothers – the medieval ensemble consisting of three dwelling houses

Duration: 3 hours

During this tour you will have a chance to capture the unforgettable feeling created by the color scheme and the aura of the narrow, winding Old Town streets which will lead you to St. Peters’ Church, first mentioned in the chronicles in 1209, and to Riga Dome Cathedral – one of the most ancient medieval sacral buildings in the Baltic States. You will see Riga Castle, which historically has been the residence of the Riga city governors, presently being the Office of the President of Latvia. On the Town Hall Square, the Blackhead Brotherhood building will emerge in front of you in all its splendor. You will also see and learn about The Three Brothers – the medieval ensemble consisting of three dwelling houses; you will see the Swedish Gates in the ancient city fortification wall, as well as the Church of St. John and the church of St. George, the last being the very first stone church in the Medieval City of Riga.

Riga Black Balsam

Riga Black Balsam

During the tour, the group will have an opportunity to taste Riga Black balsam – alcoholic drink produced for hundreds of years only in Latvia and according to a special and remedial recipe –  aromatic and strong.

Old Riga, the Blackhead Brotherhood building

Riga Art Nouveau Architecture Walking Tour

Riga Art Nouveau ArchitectureArt Nouveau did not prevail in Riga for a long period of time, but certainly left exceptionally bright examples of architecture. This period coincided with the time when building was booming in Riga, and the style organically became the part of the new city. The characteristic traits of Art Nouveau – abdication of straight lines and angles in favour of more natural, nature-like lines and geometrical ornaments. You will see outstanding examples of the Art Nouveau style on the facades of the buildings on Albert and Elizabete Streets, most of which were designed by Mikhail Eizenstain, the father of the reformer of Soviet cinematography Sergei Eizenstain. You will see the components of the interior design by visiting the Art Nouveau centre – the former apartment – which now is fully remodelled and furnished according to the style of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.
Riga Art Nouveau ArchitectureAfter the tour you will have an opportunity to taste Latvian pastry with a cup of coffee.
Duration: 2,5 hours

Post-Congress program

Thursday, June 18  

Sightseeing tour “Visit Jelgava!”

Tour description

  • Guided tour by bus around Jelgava city, including the most popular places of interest – Jelgava Palace and Family vault of the Dukes of Courland and Semigallia, Holy Trinity Church Tower with a sightseeing platform, longest walking bridge in the Baltics
  • Language: English
  • Departure: from Riga, June 18, 2015
  • Duration: 6 hours (14:00-19:00)
  • Meals: hot chocolate in Jelgava Palace and lunch with special dishes of Jelgava
  • Price of the tour: 60 euros per person, which includes English speaking guide, transport, entrance to Jelgava Palace and the Family Vault of Dukes of Courland, St. Trinity Church tower and skydeck, hot chocolate in Jelgava Palace